Friday, October 3, 2014

Small Cool Apartments


Hoover: This apartment is only 41.8 sq meters big and yet it is beautifully done. It was entered in the Small Cool Apartment Contest of Apartment Therapy for the year 2010.
Who Lives Here: Chris
Location: Houston, Texas
Size: 450 square feet
What was one of the biggest challenges you faced in furnishing your Small Cool home? One of the biggest challenges I faced was practically incorporating normal-sized furniture in a less than normal-sized space. I like to entertain (I can fit up to 14) and wanted guests to be comfortable, which tiny furniture would not have accomplished well. To maximize the layout, I drew out the floorplan and furniture pieces to scale in Adobe Illustrator and played furniture Tetris for two weeks straight before I moved in. My goal was to have every part of the studio be completely functional, so that it would feel like a real home and not a compromise. 
What is your favorite element of your Small & Cool home?My favorite element is probably the sheer panel room divider that doubles as a 2-sided projection screen. It separates the space visually and physically but retains the feeling of one big room. 

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