Friday, October 10, 2014

One Size Fits All


Hoover: We featured Graham Hill's transforming apartment a few weeks back. This was another concept design made for him. It makes the use of movable furniture to function as a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living area to fit in one small space.
New Yorkers are used to small apartments. We think keeping sweaters in our stove and having one piece of furniture function as our bed/couch/desk are totally normal ways to live. But what if your tiny apartment could host a 12-person dinner party? Or comfortably accommodate two friends for a weekend visit? A recent crowdsourced contest by LifeEdited tasked contestants to design a 420-square-foot New York apartment that would do just that. The goal of the contest was to motivate designers and the public to be more eco-minded about our living spaces and reduce our carbon footprints.
The 420-square-foot space needed to be completely functional, while including room for a sit-down dinner for 12, comfortable lounging for eight people, space for two guests, a home office, a work area, a hideable kitchen, and the regular necessities like a bed, shower, and bike storage.
The winning design, One Size Fits All, is a bright, clean space with a moving wall that can transform the main room into a lounge, bedroom, office, and/or guest sleeping area.
Three-hundred and four designs were submitted, with more than 600,000 entry views and comments.
Yves Behar says, "This idea is very smart in that it creates layers of use that are both original, and practical. For example the bed unfolding over the couch makes a lot of sense: when in bed the couch is not needed."
Behar continues, "The living room and couch set-up is quite luxurious considering the overall size of theapartment, and there resides the genius of this entry: each separate living function seems to maximize the entire space, rather than be confined to a compromised space."
The space feels open, even when the 12-place table is set-up.
An opaque partition can conceal the kitchen from the lounge space and bedroom.
The moveable partition makes space for a home office or two guest beds while still leaving a lounge area.
The partition, with the guest beds down.
The bathroom was designed to be able to use the shower and the toilet at the same time.
Hill, who will pay for the design and actually live in the space, plans to start working with the designer soon to make the apartment become a reality.
He hopes to hold similar contests in the future, but for different living spaces, like a family home or an entire apartment complex.

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