Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bathroom Storage Ideas


Hoover: No matter what the size, bathrooms can always use more storage.
Back-of-the-Door Storage
Problem: You've run out of shelf space but not out of stuff.
Solution: The backs of cabinet doors are full of unused storage space. Attach shallow caddies to the back of a cabinet to add storage for everything from hand soap to cotton balls to cleaning supplies. Label each shelf to make sure toiletries stay separate from other bathroom supplies.
Floating Storage
Problem: You don't have the floor space to add a storage cabinet or the wall space to add a built-in unit.
Solution: Without using a lot of wall space, this modern floating shelf offers convenient under-sink storage. A storage niche above the wall-mount vanity also provides storage space for small toiletries and accessories.
Corner Pocket
Problem: Bathroom space is limited, but you need more storage space.
Solution: Make use of potentially wasted corner space by repurposing a small plant stand as a storage caddy. Fill the bowls with soap, shampoo, and other bathroom toiletries to create an attractive and functional display.
Untapped Potential
Problem: Your bathroom lacks a medicine cabinet.
Solution: Take a cue from this bathroom and steal space wherever you can. A narrow wall on one side of the vanity was filled with storage potential. Now, the wall boasts a lengthy pullout cabinet with shelves made to hold small toiletries and hair products. 
Bulk Up with Baskets
Problem: Your bathroom needs space to store everyday essentials.
Solution: Avoid cluttering up the countertops by placing toiletries and other bathroom necessities in pretty baskets. Group supplies in each basket for a specific task, person, or time of day.
Out of Sight
Problem: Hand towels always seem to pile up by the sink.
Solution: Store damp hand towels on convenient pullout racks beneath the sink. Similar to storage found in the kitchen, the pullouts keep towels out of sight when you don't need them but provide easy access when you do. 
Make Adjustments
Problem: Fitting your toiletries on your shelves is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
Solution: Adjustable shelves, such as the glass ones in this wall-mount cabinet, allow you customize your storage to fit anything. To ensure bathroom supplies stay neat and tidy, store small items, such as cotton balls and hair accessories, in separate containers. 
Corral the Clutter
Problem: Your shower area lacks built-in shelves.
Solution: Corral everyone's shower essentials using metal storage caddies. Small metal nameplates clipped onto the front of each caddy ensure everyone knows where to store their items post-shower.
Go Vertical
Problem: You've run out of floor space.
Solution: Go vertical with storage. Use a vintage ladder or one specifically made forbathrooms to hang towels. The height of the ladder will break up the monotony of the room and provide more storage.
Laundry Solution
Problem: You lack floor space to store a hamper for dirty laundry.
Solution: Put empty wall space to work. A handy tilt-out bin does the trick in this bathroom. Although it's small, the bin offers a convenient storage solution to keep dirty laundry out of sight.
Find Lost Space
Problem: Your small bathroom lacks floor space to add a storage unit.
Solution: Gain storage without interrupting traffic flow by building shelves right into the walls between studs. An unused area next to the toilet provides ample storage for bathroom essentials and decorative elements in this bathroom. The open shelving space not only adds storage, but it also keeps the small bath looking light and airy.
Temporary Style
Problem: You rent, but you still want stylish bathroom storage.
Solution: Furnish your space with movable items, such as chairs and baskets, and removable items, such as wall hooks and lightweight wall-mounted shelves that won't leave large holes in the walls.
Repurposed Containers
Problem: Under-cabinet storage is a mess.
Solution: Use a freezer bin for spray bottles and rolls of trash can liners, or clear acrylic shoeboxes with pullout drawers for brushes and rags.

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