Sunday, October 11, 2015

10 Smart Storage Hacks for Your Tiny Kitchen

Rent to Life is easier with clever hacks.

1. Add Shelves Everywhere

There's probably a lot of unused wall space in your small kitchen right now, and you can clear counter clutter by installing a few small shelves. You can use them for the spices and seasonings you use most often, but you can also use them for bills, mail, coupons, and takeout menus.

2. Move Your Spices Off the Counter

There are awesome spice rack hacks out there if you are handy and love DIY, but you can also save time and counter space by investing in a pull-down spice rack. I've had mine for years, and it keeps the counter clean and is super easy to use.

3. Make Use of Your Cabinet Doors

There's a lot of empty space behind most of your cabinet doors. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you can use door shelves under your sink for sponges, install strong sticky hooks to organize measuring spoons, and/or hang a shoe organizer on the back of your pantry door.

4. Get Rid of Your Knife Block

Clear your counter for a neater look and more workspace by installing a genius magnetic knife block. It looks great and makes it easy to grab what you need at a glance. It keeps the edges on those knives sharp, too.

5. Make Use of the Narrowest Spaces

You might have some wasted space next to your refrigerator, and if you do, then this slide-out storage tower is awesome for holding cans, bottles, and other kitchen essentials.

6. Get a Stackable Mug Tower

Even though I normally recommend clearing your countertops for a cleaner look and better workspace, a mug tower clears out a lot of essential cabinet space. Since coffee cups don't stack well and you probably have a lot of mismatched mugs taking up prime cabinet real estate right now, you're better off moving out the ones you don't use. Use them in other rooms as vases or pen holders and get an affordable and attractive stack of mugs in your kitchen for your tea and coffee.

7. Fridge Storage Magnets

The outside of your fridge is full of untapped potential, but don't clutter it up with disorganized bills and magnets. Instead, get magnetic storage shelves to organize miscellaneous paperwork, paper towels, and other everyday essentials. You could also make your own storage bins out of cans and bottles.

8. Clear the Clutter Under Your Sink with One Tension Rod

This hack makes the best use of all that vertical space under your sink and organizes cleaning supplies at the same time. Pick up a small tension rodonline or from your local hardware or housing store, and use it to hang spray cleaner bottles.

9. Hang Bottles from the Roof of Your Fridge

If you open your refrigerator right now, I bet there's a lot of unused vertical space between shelves. The bottle loft attachment makes it easy to hang beer bottles and other items with magnetic tops (like pickle jars) from the roof of your fridge.

10. Use Lazy Susans in Your Cabinets

In awkward corners or small cabinets, use Lazy Susans to make everything easy to find and reach. That way you'll be sure to keep track of all the food so you don't waste any.

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