Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Upscale 48sq meter Mini Loft

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Rent To Own: Clean lines, hidden storage and teak panels five this small apartment a classy ambiance!

Dorsinville Apartment #1
New York City

Located in one of those ubiquitous post war white brick co-op buildings, this one bed room apartment on first site had nothing to recommend it except for its unobstructed view across Chelsea to downtown Manhattan and what was an incredible view of the twin towers. The one bedroom was originally a studio, which had been converted using an absurdly thin wall to divide the bedroom from the living room, and surprisingly divided the panorama window and the HV/AC unit in two.

As with previous projects, we conceived of the design for this apartment as a mini loft, however, this time we wanted to abstract the perception between public and private space. The size of the apartment presented the challenge of obscuring the necessary domestic possessions, its 520 sq ft had to be tailor made for the client with a place for everything and everything in its place. Storage space became the method by which architectural space was defined.  

A strangely long and wide entry foyer, which originally extended from the living room, was redefined as a square volume by white lacquered panels and doors; a narrower passage through to the new living space allowed for deep closets and a home office in the original coat closet.

The teak cabinet floats over the floor with lighting emanating from beneath. Foldaway doors make it possible to operate and watch the television from both the living room and bedroom side of the room divider. 

The ceiling similarly is a continuous conjoining plan floating over the teak room divider where it is washed by up lighting from below.

The kitchen adjacent to the foyer was extended into a broom closet and refitted with Ashe and stainless steel cabinetry and under counter appliances.

Upon demolition the bedroom, living room and shower room were combined as one space and this was exactly the concept for the final design. A teak room divider containing storage and electronic equipment became the nexus between the three functional areas. The large south facing window marries the living room and sleeping area but neither has direct visual contact with the other, a single white lacquer windowsill storage cabinet further enhances the perception of unlimited space. An acid etched glass panel slides into the teak cabinet as the door from the living space. Curtained floor to ceiling clear glass divides the sleeping area from the bathroom, so that with the curtain open the view over the city can be enjoyed from inside the shower.
The bed is raised off the floor on a custom Ashe platform, which forms a shelf in an alcove either side of the mattress.

A new oak floor was introduced and stained dark chocolate creating a continuous plain of color through out the apartment, including the shower room accented with stainless steel and the fixtures are white porcelain.

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