Monday, August 10, 2015

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas


Rent To Our kitchen layouts are simple and basic. Why not stylize and update the kitchen cupboards with these simple and functional design ideas.
This type of open shelving, placed right behind a kitchen island where all the action will take place, are highly practical because absolutely everything is to hand. Bear in mind that anything on open shelves will, however, need cleaning more regularly than objects shut away in cupboards.
Floor to ceiling cupboards are a real luxury in a kitchen, particularly in small spaces that lack bags of wall space. If you're going for this type of storage, ensure you're not sacrificing too much worktop space to squeeze them in - a balance is essential.
Once you install an island unit, you tend to spend the majority of your time at it, whether prepping, cooking or eating. So, why not consider open - or semi-open - units so that all the pots, pans, plates and even food you use the most is handy?
If your kitchen is open plan with the dining area, why not consider dividing the space with tall, free-standing shelves that can house both cookware and everything you'd need for the table? Ensure the shelves are super-sturdy, especially if you have kids.
Many of us have got one - a dinner service given to us as a wedding present - that comes out of the cupboard once a year. No one ever sees it, it takes up space and turns out to have been a waste of money. So why not display it on smart open shelves? Even if you don't use it often, it'll look great and give you more space in your base units.
Kitchen cupboards don't always have well-designed interiors - often the upper half of a compartment is wasted space. So why not build up the usable vertical space with these clever mini shelves on legs.
Possibly the bane of most cooks' lives, pan lids clutter up the bottom of pull out drawers, make cupboards chaotic and the appropriate one always manages to hide itself when you need it. So why not invest in a pan lid housing for within your drawer or cupboard? Most kitchen designers will fit them for you - or you can buy them separately from kitchen shops.
Why half hide your clutter behind glazed or reflective unit fronts? In a small space, this can work well because the reflection will add to the feeling of space in the room. If you can light behind the units, too, you'll increase the feeling of depth in the room, again, heightening the feeling of space.
Make the most of every inch of space with an under shelf basket.
When you're ordering your kitchen the added extras can make a real difference to its cost. However, many of them are really worth the extra spend. Drawer organisers, for example, will actually help you store more and keep it all neat. If you can't afford them when you order the kitchen, you can always go back to the shop later and get them then.

If you are a keen cook, you'll need everything to hand, so work on having clever storage ideas put into your kitchen design when you first sit down to plan it. Here, a herb rack has been built in above the work surface, just where it's needed. 

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