Friday, May 22, 2015

Shoe Storage Solutions

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Rent To Small spaces can be problematic if you have a big shoe collection. But with a simple design trick, having tons and tons of shoes might not be a problem after all!
Use an old armoire or cabinet for storing your shoes. A glass-paned cabinet not only displays the shoes you may pick to wear for the day, it also tidies up your hall space from shoe cliutter.
A pull-out shoe cabinet attached to your closet takes care of your shoes, preserving them for longer use.
Stacked shoe boxes with photos of the shoes inside is a cheaper and smart solution for shoe storage.
Hanging drapes over a shoe closet softens the room and eliminates swing out doors that take up space.
If you have a small hallway, why not put shoe shelves?
Put shoes up on the wall like this in an open plan closet.
An old wooden ladder is given a new purpose.

Imitate art and put your shoes in this design element. Make sure your shoes are clean enough for displaying though!

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