Friday, May 1, 2015

Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid


Rent to Keep these tips handy when you're building or redecorating your home. They make a lot of sense.

1. Toilet Rugs

Toilet rugs are necessary, but do we really have to commit to these odd-shaped eye sores?
To put it simply… no.

Solution: A small rectangular rug can do the same job for the same price without being an eye sore.

2. Photo Overload on Surfaces


Nothing screams “Grandma’s House” like surfaces covered in picture frames. Not only do these cluttered surfaces make your home look messy, but they can be overwhelming to your guests.

Create a photo collage on your wall with matching frames. Not only does this make for a beautiful wall piece, but guests can browse your photos clutter-free.
 3. Ignoring the Foyer

We get it, it’s uncomfortable to decorate such a tiny space where so much happens, but it’s necessary.

Solution: rather than ignoring your entryway, why not use it to make the first statement of your home when a guest enters?
 4. Dated Hardware

Old hardware can make any kitchen look drab, but thankfully, this is an inexpensive fix.

Solution: pick up some new, stylish hardware, and you’re good to go.
 5. Different Size Furniture

When you have similar pieces that are all different shapes and sizes, it can make a room feel like it’s not put together. We’re visually inclined to love balance, so mismatched furniture will throw us off.

Solution: buy pieces that are the same size to create symmetry and balance in your home.

6. Keeping Something You Hate

When you move into a new home, you make exceptions that you wouldn’t normally make because let’s face it, moving is expensive enough. The problem lies within our ability to ignore things we hate if they’re in our face long enough.

Solution: take a look around, and if there’s an element you despise, get rid of it. You’ll be surprised by the peace this purge will bring.
 7. Too Formal

Leave ultra-luxury to the royal family, and instead, focus on making your living space cozy and livable. Hard furniture and too many throw pillows can make a room feel uninviting.

Solution: use a minimal amount of cozy throw pillows and upgrade to soft, comfortable furniture that looks inviting.
 8. Uncomfortable Dining Chairs

Dining should never be an uncomfortable experience, and yet we invest so little in our dining room chairs.

Solution: surround your dining table with padded chairs with arm rests. Your guests and family will thank you for it.

 9.  Matchy-Matchy Decor

Matching when decorating can be a really good thing… or a really bad thing. When you get too “matchy,” things can get weird.

Solution: rather than filling a room with your favorite color, choose bright statement pieces.
 10. Fad Decorating

When you let fads dictate your decor, you’re going to get in trouble because guess what? Fads are temporary, and your home’s decor is not.

Solution: choose a style you love and stick to it.
 11. Furniture That Doesn’t Fit

We’ve all seen the living room with the giant couches that shrink the room and make it hardly livable. Maybe you inherited the massive furniture, or maybe it was the least expensive. Whatever the reason, it’s time to find furniture that fits your living space.

Solution: purchase smaller pieces to make the room feel larger.
 12. Too Many Patterns

Patterns are wonderful when they’re used sparingly, and sometimes it’s hard to tell where the tipping point is from not enough to way too much. Rather than straddling that line, take a simpler approach.

Solution: choose one bold pattern for the room and stick to solid colors beyond that.

 13.  Floating Rugs

Random, floating rugs make your space feel like it’s not put together. Especially when it isn’t touching any furniture.

Solution: find a rug that touches all of the furniture in the room. Yes, this means if it’s a large room, you need a large rug. Small room, small rug, and so on.
 14. Improper Lighting

Some people take the “there’s no such thing as too much lighting” approach, while others get away with not enough. To be clear, there is such a thing as improper lighting. When your ceiling is crowded and your walls are covered, you’ve done too much.

Solution: figure out the best ways to put functional lighting into your home. Focus on the places that need to be lit, and go from there.
 15. Frames Hung Too High

Another common mistake rookie decorators make is hanging picture frames higher or lower than they should be.

Solution: go through your home and rehang any frames that are higher or lower than eye level.
 16. Ignoring Windows

The look is reminiscent of a college apartment or brand new home, but it should never be permanent. Windows bring so much design potential to a room, why ignore them?

Solution: hang window treatments up high to make windows appear bigger.

 17. Fear of Bright Color

You’ve seen plenty of decorators overdo it with bright colors, and maybe that’s why you’re hesitant. Our message to you is don’t be afraid. If color is done well, it can bring new life to a space.

Solution: find a way to incorporate color into your decor. Consult a decorator or browse Pinterest to see which colors inspire you.
 18. Too Many Throw Pillows

You want your space to feel cozy, so you think piling on the throw pillows will help you accomplish that. Think again. Throw pillows have become a clutter commonplace.

Solution: focus on creating a serene space with soft elements rather than just adding more throw pillows.

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