Friday, March 13, 2015

Clever Living Room Storage Ideas

Rent To Own: One can never have enough storage space. Here are some tips for maximizing your living room spaces.
If you're really struggling for storage space, look for less obvious areas that may require some effort to convert them into useful space. Here, an understairs space has become a handy home media centre.
If you are going to build a wall of shelving to show off your books, glassware or china, colour coding it subtly will make the room look a little more planned and much neater.
Got an empty bay window that doesn't quite fit a sofa? Why not build in a window seat with storage beneath? Putting drawers rather than a lift up lid is a more expensive (but less disruptive and neater) option - and it means you can section your storage to keep dvds in one side, for example, and toys in the other.
If your living room is a busy family room that doubles up as a homework space, a dining area and play room, it makes sense to have a streamlined wall of storage behind which you can hide the clutter. If you go for this type of system, bear in mind that flat fronted, handle-free doors in a light colour will help keep your living room feeling bigger and brighter. 
Getting rid of your clutter or hiding it away is not always the solution. If you have a collection of books, photos and china or glassware you want to show off, it makes sense to do so in one space, where it can all be neatly set out so you can enjoy it. This being the case, look for shelves that can be sectioned off, like these, and experiment with the layout of your pieces until you're happy with how it looks.
Got space above doorways? Of course you have - it's rarely used, so why not fit a shelf at this level and perhaps even extend it all the way around the room. Ideal for items you want to display, book storage or bits and pieces you use seldom but can hide away in boxes.
Use storage as a way to zone your room. Here, a set of mobile shelves are used to display china and glassware that would take up valuable cupboard space in a kitchen - and also divide the living area from the dining space within an open-plan room. If you're going to do this, display items that look good from both sides and be prepared to work to keep it neat.
We love this Swedish take on the grandfather clock - its unexpected storage shelves are roomy enough so that you can keep your favourite books to hand.

If you're looking for somewhere to display your best coffee table books, ensure your investment has a shelf - or drawers - beneath, too. Or, if you're buying a footstool, buy one with a lift-up lid where you can hide anything from toys to dvds. 

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