Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tips for moving: Use Mobile Storage when Relocating

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Hoover: This is a company that sells or rents shipping containers as storage facilities in the US. Theirs is a good idea and I am sure some enterprising shipping container owners would soon follow in this line of business here in the Philippines.

Ways to Eliminate Relocation Stress

For businesses and families that are moving to a new location, mobile storage is an alternative to a same-day moving company that can make a significant event less stressful. If you choose this option, you won’t need a truck, have to deal with a moving company, or find it necessary to complete the move in one day, which can be quite hectic.

Benefits Of Using Storage Containers

Renting these containers is both convenient and affordable. For example, you can load a unit from your office or home without having to rent a truck. Today, a wide range of modifications to these containers are available, such as turbine vents, extra doors, and shelving partitions or holes. In addition, storage containers can be modified to meet your exact specifications, such as providing space in the walls for windows.

Today’s refurbished shipping containers have a steel lock box welded to the unit’s surface that encloses, hides and protects the lock from tampering of any kind. They are also water-tested to ensure that they are completely leak-proof, and since the containers are completely enclosed, your contents will be safe and secure in transit.

Deciding To Rent Or Buy Your Container(s)

If your need for storage exceeds 20-24 months, you may want to consider buying your container(s), as it will be more cost-effective. Convenience is another important factor in making your decision. Generally speaking, if you purchase the unit, you will be responsible for maintaining it. With a rental, services are provided for maintaining the unit whenever it needs repairs.

With your moving date in mind, note that you will be dealing with a delivery schedule for your shipping container that is both fast and flexible, and every effort will be made to accommodate you.

Counting On Our Customer Service

Remember that our outstanding customer service is provided by a family-owned business. We are ready, willing and able to be your partner in working out all of the details of moving your goods to your new location efficiently and effectively. Our customers continue to be impressed by the flexibility we offer, our ease in handling large orders, and the availability of our customer service team. In any circumstance, it only takes a phone call to reach our operations manager, our help desk, and/or the personal sales representative working with you. Our goal is to help you create a custom-made solution for your shipping and relocation needs that will make the transition a smooth one.

Consultant Tony Allen works with businesses and residential customers to find the correct use for storage containers or container offices for your business. Whether you’re thinking about storage containers for rent, or purchasing one for a business project, you’ll find their many uses inspiring.





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