Monday, January 9, 2012

Small Space Inspirations: Built-Ins


When I walk into a house one of my favorite things to see are built-ins! Besides the fact that they look great and add charm to a home, they are super functional. Built-ins take advantage of otherwise useless nooks and crannies, save floor space, add storage, and eliminate the need for extra furniture! What's not to love?
The classic built-in hutch! Great for storing and displaying tablewares.
Built-ins come in a shapes in sizes, from banquettes to hutches, and window seats to shelving — they're all great and we think more homes should have them! Here are some of our favorite examples of built-ins from past Apartment Therapy posts and house tours.
An amazing circular window seat.
This home has tons of swoon-worthy built-in wood details and shelving.
A gorgeous built-in sofa.
An otherwise useless nook is turned into built-in wine storage with a few shelves.
A bench, dresser, and open shelving all built-in to a roof dormer.
A bookshelf doubles as a guardrail for the adjacent stair, and looks lovely!
This awesome stair includes built-in shoe storage in one of it's risers. It also doubles as a bench!
These built-in bunk beds are cool enough to even make adults envious!  

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