Thursday, January 14, 2016

Former Dumpster Dweller launches affordable smart homes for urban millennials.

Rent to An honest to goodness, literally, pack up and go micro apartment!

Do you dread moving? Here’s an apartment that could make moving cross-country a no-packing snap with just a few taps on your smartphone. Meet Kasita, a micro-apartment housing scheme that slots in and out of metal apartment frames and fits on a moving truck bed for easy transport. The innovative housing startup was developed by “Professor Dumpster” Jeff Wilson, who was inspired by his year-long stint living in a converted 33-square-foot dumpster to create a mobile and affordable solution to the housing crisis.

Moving locations will also be a snap. After requesting the move on a smartphone app, the modular Kasita can slide out from the 1,000-square-foot apartment metal framework, travel on the bed of a moving truck, and plug into a new framework in one of the available cities serving Kasita. No more dreaded housing search.

Marketed as the “smallest home built for the city” that’s still maintains a comfortable and livable footprint, the tiny Kasita can be plugged into some of a city’s most desirable but thus far unusable compact locations.

The sleek and beautiful design incorporates smart home technology and a cantilevered glazed cube on one end that funnels natural light into the interior.

The 208-square-foot home was designed in collaboration with an industrial designer from the firm Frog to maximize every square inch of interior space while keeping a focus on elegance and comfort.

In addition to the space-saving hands-free home automation, the apartment features transforming furniture and a patent-pending tile system that “allows for virtually infinite customizations and options for the home while maintaining order and function.”

Kasita plans to build their first compact housing complex in Austin in the spring of 2016 and already has plans to expand to other cities like Portland and New York City.

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