Friday, January 16, 2015

A 30 sq m Apartment Design

Rent to Own: Here is another example of efficient use of space-this time in a 30 square meter apartment.
Maff Apartment is a “bed & breakfast” located on the third floor in the attic of a private house in The Hague. The client and owner lives in the same building. A communal staircase provides access to the apartment, which functions autonomously from the rest of the building. The limited floor space of 30m² has been equipped with the following functions: a sleeping accommodation for 2 people a dining area for up to 4 people a kitchen a toilet a bathroom with shower an installations area various storage facilities. The goal of the design was to create a living environment that would be spacious despite the small volume, providing all the comforts belonging to luxurious contemporary lodging. In addition, Maff Apartment was to have a clear and strong identity to provide a sense of uniqueness for its users.

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