Friday, November 21, 2014

Small Apartment, Huge Amounts of Storage


Rent to Simple and clean lines with cleverly built-in storage walls is the secret to the appeal of this small apartment. 
Parasite Studio's appropriately named White Studio apartment is as crisp and clean as brand new linen sheets, with elements of neoplasticism's philosophy of reduction of both form and colour to the essentials. Partitions have been thoughtfully designed to open up to let in additional light into separated rooms, while other parts open to reveal a plethora of storage options, including dollops of colour inside niches that break up the monotone starkness of a predominately white interior...
Architect's Parasite Studios described the project as such at Arch Daily as "an intervention where the white color is dominant and plays the role of a clean and immaculate background on which the main theme of the apartment is evolving - the furniture, which is treated as a unitary contemporary insertion. The effect of the interior design is based on the contrasts between support/insertion, old/new, permanent/temporary. The basic themes of the design are the rhythm of the paneling of the furniture pieces, the cuts and the cut-outs within them that follow the rhythm and the modulations of an idea of musicality", a design influenced directly by the owner's passion for jazz music (the little moments of colour are perhaps the high notes of this architectural musical piece).

Inspiration wise, there are a few retail options out there that offer you similar options to divide a large space while offering hidden storage: the IKEA Pax Wardrobe can be used as a partition and storage unit, and AT reader Alex showed us how to use as-is pieces from IKEA to create an expansive room divider with a less stark effect. 

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