Monday, September 1, 2014

Transforming Spaces for 420 sq feet

(Life Edited: Graham Hill's Tiny Apartment)

Hoover: Watch how creativity and smart use of space transforms this small apartment into a living abode that feels like it is more than 2x its original area.

Graham Hill's new apartment was designed via a competition through his companyLifeEdited. A couple of goals were to be able to seat 12 people for dinner, and have space for guests to sleep and work. While the actual apartment is 420 square feet, Hill states that it provides the equivalent functional spaces of a 1100 square foot home. It has all kinds of great space saving features that will work in other people's homes — here are a few highlights:
1.   1. A sliding wall on tracks that can enclose the bedroom and create a second sleeping space with bunkbeds, a work zone, and lots of storage behind.
2.    2. A murphy-style bed from amazing small-space furniture distributor, Resource Furniture. The cool thing about it is the shelf flips such that objects do not have to be removed when the bed is lowered.
3.    3. Modular, portable induction cooktops that can be stored away when not in use.
4.    4. Undercounter refrigerator and freezer drawer to save space and energy.

5.    5. An expanding dining table from Resource Furniture that stows away within the kitchen island when not in use.

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