Sunday, March 18, 2012

Storage Under The Bed

Hoover: The space under out beds is usually wasted space. Why not convert your beds to have a useful storage area?

Now, the bedroom is not only special for the rest. Many activities that can be run in it, from reading books, watching television and even get the job done. Because the function increases, the bedroom also need more storage.  But we can not arbitrarily add storage without thinking of the convenience. The bedroom should be able to create an atmosphere of maximum breaks. There are a few spots that can be stored without creating a bedroom to be like a warehouse, such as the drawer under bed, wall shelves and glass  cupboard. In this edition we present various images drawer under bed that may be suitable for your bedroom. Look under the bed. Take the advantage a space large enough in there. In order bed, part under the bed can be equipped with large drawers underneath. Drawer under bed can be function as additional clothing storage. 

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