Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cut the Clutter: Inspiring Ideas for Kids' Room Storage and Organization

Hoover: Dragon babies and moms will surely love these ideas for children's rooms! Find out how to make your child's small space functional and beautiful.

If your kids' idea of a clean room is everything piled in the corner, it's time for a storage-solution intervention. Check out these designer spaces that use fresh ideas to create clutter-free kid spaces.

Toy (Storage) Story: Chic Ways to Tuck It Away
Who needs a toy chest when you can store playthings in more chic containers? 
Hanging organizers, drawers and baskets clear up space to reveal a pop of purple paint from the closet.

Closet Transformation: Dead Space Becomes a Workstation
Double the storage capacity in your child's closet by adding another rod for clothing. 
With all the extra space, you can construct a workstation from MDF (medium density fiberboard) for homework and crafts.

Crouching Deer, Hidden Storage: Decoration With Function
Install kitchen cabinets in a child's room for ingenious storage. The insides can accommodate baskets
 full of toys and books, and the cabinet fronts can accommodate decorative decals, so it's not an eyesore.

Conquering Wasted Space: A Newborn's Classy Closet
A baby's closet is usually a mess of clutter because the area isn't organized for anything 
other than hanging clothes. Conquer the clutter with containers and smart shelving.

Controlling Chaos: A Tidy Teen Study Center
A teen's desire to express oneself with photos, notes and keepsakes can overwhelm a study space. 
Fortunately, these wall rails from PB Teen offer the best of both worlds: Your social butterfly can keep her
 photos and keepsakes pinned up, but thanks to the slim design, they won't take over the wall.

Dresser Delight: Storage Fit for a Queen
Decorator Jeanne Benner of Morristown, N.J.-based Greenbaum Interiors creates a storage-filled fantasy
 room for this little girl. Because she is too young for a loft, Benner designs a bed with a 
dresser-drawer-filled base for storage.

Triple Play: Three Beds in the Space of One
Designed by award-winning interior and furniture designer Patricia Davis Brown,
 this beachy bedroom thrives on smart use of space and small surprises.

High Society: A Sophisticated Loft Space
The idea of elevating a bed to gain storage below is nothing new, but in this bedroom, Patricia Davis Brown
managed to incorporate a double dresser, a media center, a shelving system and 
a study space under one queen-size loft bed. 

Presto (Diaper) Change-O: The Disappearing Changing Table
Interior designer Patricia Davis Brown has an innovative changing table armoire, which stores powders,
 creams and wipes. However, it has a secret identity: It's also a chalkboard and play area for the older kids.
Slip and Hide: Dressing Up Simple Tables
After interior organizer and home stylist Noelle Micek discovered her kid clients' favorite toys were their tools,
 she created a customized table apron to house their beloved screwdrivers, hammers and pliers.
All-Star Storage: Sport-acular Closet Organization
New York apartments aren't exactly known for their ample storage space, but interior decorator and 
professional organizer Dawn Falcone hit a home run for this active family with adjustable shelving and a drawer unit.
Not-So-Old School: Rockin' the Lockers
One school's trash is a decorator's treasure. At least that was the case when
Huntsville, Ala.-based interior decorator and organizer Jennifer Mullin saved these lockers 
from the wrecking ball for a sports-themed boys' bedroom.

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